“de was so meni peepol lah .. i die oredi!”

IT SHOW 2009

IT Show today. (yay!)
Our singaporean colleague went to Suntec at lunch to check it out.
When we asked her how it was.. she said, “de was so meni peepol lah .. i die oredi!” in a very animated voice. It was so cute and funny!

IT Show is until Sunday… and today is.. (drumroll…)

Brochure Day! (another yay!)

So we went to Suntec after work to collect the brochures they so genorously hand-out.  Whew! There was a lot of people! (I die oredi! hehe) I was scared that the escalators would collapse (I’m not exaggerating here.. promise).

brochure fan!

brochure fan!

Anyway we got out of the jungle around 9 and got home a little past 10… Even though I was tired, I was pretty happy because I got quite a brochure collection. I would be seriously studying those and depending on the outcome of my study,  I might go back to Suntec over the weekend as a more intelligent buyer (yay! again). 😀


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