rainy days, and mondays, and birthdays



Yes.  It’s my birthday today. On a monday. The first day of work. bah!

I woke up this morning with the first greeting of the day from my bestfriend.

I was happy .. for a while.. then my weirdness took over. I started thinking in a psycho way…

It’s my birthday and I’m so far away from people I usually share this day with. I would be spending it with people who don’t care if I have a dog, that I love noodles, that I like dollhouses .. and all those other mundane things about my life. I would be spending it with strangers. Oh I can picture it now.. I would have to smile constantly as the greetings come from people I barely know. Then we would be obliged to engage in small talk which would abrubtly end in awkward silence. and.. so many difficult things! gah!

I was a worried wreck when I got out of bed. I felt like my age has multiplied by the hundreds..

I stressed out myself so much that I complained about it to him on the way to the train station… I blabbed to my heart’s content about how stressful birthdays are getting for me. I’m grateful he just listened.

While I was doing a litany of things I’m expecting today, the weather started looking gloomy. great. an exclamation to my statement. This is not going to be a good day at all. Woopee.

Half way into my morning, a couple of greetings came. From my mom and dad (which truly picked me up a bit), from an old friend whom I thought have forgotten I exist (which made me a little happy), and constant corny texts from him (which made me smile and roll my eyes at the same time). I’m feeling a bit relieved that no one from work has greeted, or tried to have birthday dialogs with me.. oh the awkwardness if that should happen.. I would just die.

It was raining heavily by lunchtime.. but amazingly I was feeling more brighter.  I remembered … I think it was my lola who told me …that it’s good when it rains on your birthday. It’s blessings being showered on you… and by the way it rained today, it looks like I will be drowning in blessings this year. 😀

We all had tapaw (takeaway) and we ate it at the pantry. I was feeling so relieved that I survived the morning with no dreaded mishaps. My mood was really picking up. I would get out of this day alive!

Then out of the blue, my colleague went near me and handed me this envelope. from all of them. it was a gift. gift certificates so i can buy furniture for my dollhouse. I was floored. everyone wished me a good day. I was so embarrassed! (If I could crawl under a rock, I would have) …and I was moved. truly.

silly silly girl. what was I thinking!

It actually felt good to be greeted by these people.. it was actually so easy to smile and talk with these people …these people who I have been sharing my life with for almost a year.. who I’ve been showing pictures of my dog, my house, my family.. these people whom I’ve been sharing important and unimportant conversations with.. these people.. they are my friends.

I felt so happy to be given this importance by them who I’ve least expected to be that way with me.. It’s not the gift but the fact that they got together to surprise me really … really made me want to cry…

my cup runneth over …

I’m so happy I was wrong.

I had a great birthday!


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