Debugging the Eyebug

sleepy-pandaWhile riding the packed train this morning to work, I noticed my reflection on the windows. The first thing I saw were the circles under my eyes. Really heavy-duty ones.

After this discovery I mechanically started to count how much sleep I had last night. I was literally counting with my fingers. So I counted 7 hours. Not really bad. But with this revelation, my confused brain went onto probing deeper why these eyebugs are on my face and why I am so tired.

So it did some process of elimination.

My brain went:
If my sleeping hours are enough, then It must not be the numbers but the quality. I might not be getting quality sleep.

But I’ve been dreaming a lot lately. I know this because I can recall the dreams I have been having for the past few days (really pleasant ones 🙂 ). This could only mean that I get enough of the much sought after REM sleep. so it must not be the quality.

If it’s not these things.. then why do I have eyebugs?? why? whhyyy?!?

Then I remembered something I learned a long long time ago. Sleeping 7-8 hours is no good even REM sleeps if you wake up in the deep sleep stage. If you wake up on this stage, you wake up tired. So maybe that’s why (?). I do have varying sleeping times this week.

Maybe my body clock jumbles up my sleeping cycles and because of that I woke up this morning in the deep sleep stage (?). Maybe that is why I have this generous servings of eyebugs (?).

My brain was getting zonked out with all these important and serious investigation about eyebugs (hehe), so in the end I just settled with the conclusion that I woke up in the middle of my precious deep sleep.

And with that, I continued on riding the train with my tired brain and ultra-heavy panda eyes.

When I reached my workplace, I  just couldn’t get over my not-so-modest eye bugs. I messaged him and complained about having  them. He joked back, “I’ll debug them for you :)” (geeky programmer’s joke).


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