blab and nescafe ads

view from my room... a rainy sunday afternoon

view from my room… a rainy sunday afternoon

Its been raining everyday for the whole week. Today is no exception.

It was raining the whole afternoon. Thunder, wind.. the works.

I sometimes feel sleepy (most of the time lazy) when it rains.. i remember reading something about it.. a long long time ago..**thinking**…it’s something like when it rains, the wet soil releases some ions that somehow slows down and cools our body temperature and that makes us a little sleepy..  the explanation was something like that.. don’t know if its true..

I love the smell of rain.. like something fresh.. I also like the sound.. a bit relaxing.

when I think of rain.. I remember an old nescafe commercial from my childhood.. the one that shows a girl sitting beside the window watching the rain outside with a warm cup of coffee and a blanket thrown over her shoulders… it’s such a cozy image. When I’m at work and start to see raindrops falling, that image pops into my head and it makes me want to go home and reenact the whole thing!  😛 ..

I think nescafe coffee commercials are friendly and warm and fuzzy (eh?!)..hehe.

Here are my top three.. they are old commercials and they are not about rainy days.. but the jingles are sung by some of the popular pinoy bands 🙂 really cool…

1. by parokya ni edgar ..  they have always been cool .. for me anyway.. 🙂
2. by bamboo… for summer season? wake up its a beautiful morning .. lalala
3.  by hale ..  spring ad?

so that is my top three..

but I still have this one more commercial.. and this one is about how nescafe helps keep your brain awake. it’s a rap face-off (“palistuhan”).. it’s pretty funny.. francis m is good here.

aaannndddd…….I promise this is the very last one.. hehe
the song is very simple but I like the concept.. sharing coffee over conversation among friends, family, co-workers.. etc..

I think, from what my “musical ear” (disputable of course) can hear.. this jingle is sung by parokya, hale, barbie, and zsazsa.. not really that sure though..

… I want a red nescafe coffee cup..

… even if I don’t drink coffee.


Updates: March 6 2009

Francis Magalona passed away today due to acute myelogenous leukemia.

I was really saddened by this news.  Although his family don’t know me and would probably never read this, I would still like to send them my greatest sympathy.

Farewell Francis M.


2 thoughts on “blab and nescafe ads

  1. Hey Jessel James!
    =] that was a very informative site.. mag comment sana ko kaya lng i don’t know how… Anyway, thanks for sharing =]

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