fainting spell

A scary thing happened to me today. I blacked out while riding the train. I woke up kinda woozy, but I thought that it was just because I stood up too fast from lying down. so I ignored it. I was feeling better after taking a bath. I was actually in a good mood this morning, I even caught the early train to work.

When the train was chugging along red hill area,I started having this familiar queasy feeling in my stomach.. I always have that feeling when I’m going to faint (yup this isn’t the first time. )..so I knew something was up. It was a bit humid and the train was packed as usual and I was standing near the train doors… more like leaning.. and I was having this feeling, I thought I could control it and make it go away.. but by the time we were at Outram station.. my eyesight was going.. it was like a bad tv reception.. like white and gray zigzags.. I was getting really nervous and beads of cold sweat was forming on my forehead..

Lucky me the boyfriend (whom we will refer to simply as “he/him”) was there .. (I’m really so grateful).. I told him I think I was going to faint.. and by then.. my hearing started to fade.. I was grabbing his arms (and probably his shirt? ) because I was scared and my feet were starting to feel like jelly… he also told me that my lips were almost white, it was a good thing he was calm and the people were thinning down.. so not a lot of people saw me.. anyway, I told him that I just need to sit and luckily there was a lady who saw us and notice something was wrong and gave up her seat for me..

Now by this time, I had another problem.. I could not completely see anything and hear anything. I couldn’t move.. if I tried to move my feet I would collapse.. so he half carried me to the seat.. and when I sat down i just collapsed..probably lost consciousness for a while..

He was supposed to go down 3 stations before me but he went with me all the way.. when we came to my stop, I was feeling a little bit better (whew!) . The eyesight and the hearing was clearing up a little bit.. so I was able to get off the train and we sat down for a while inside the station since I was still wobbly… I was contemplating on going for a sick leave but since I was already there and I felt a bit better, I just went on ahead to work.

The end of the story was he went with me all the way to my work. I was fifteen minutes late and my head was in a daze the whole day..

I felt like I lost a lot of weight because of the whole stressful morning…haaayyy… and.. it was a very scary experience for me… I’m just really really grateful that someone was there for me.. and I feel so loved to be given that much importance and care by somebody.. so even though my day started out in a most undesirable way, I’m still happy .. I’m loved 🙂


i made a little research… 🙂



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