the tale of the chicken adobo

its a sunday and i feel really good. i accomplished a lot of things in one day…but the most amazing thing today is that i cooked a real meal for dinner. uhuh. all by myself. yay!

i cooked chicken adobo. haha! i know it’s a very VERY simple dish, but for someone like me who just usually waits at the table to eat, well … it’s a big thing .. i feel so happy. πŸ™‚

i wish i had a camera to show you how it looked like.. it really looked like the real thing! .. appetizing πŸ˜€ not like something you’d force yourself to push down your throat.. and it tasted good too.. hehehe..

oh and notice that i mention it in the “past-tense”.. that’s because we ate it left-overs.. yup! you read it right, the chicken adobo i cooked was devoured to the very last bit… and no one got a stomach ache. isn’t that amazing?!?!Β  πŸ˜€

i’m really so happy… and full πŸ˜€

**burp** (excuse me…)


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