Adult Coloring Books

I found another cool Daiso item… (items?)



These books.. or booklets are composed of 23 pages. Each book has a section that teaches different coloring techniques, color theory, shading and how to color the pictures inside. The only thing is it’s in Japanese.. but! there are pictures and Google translate 😉

Each book has different themes….

Book 5 – Flowers

Book 6 – Occasions

Book 7 – Animals

Book 8- Landscape/Scenery

Each picture is actually a post card that you can cut out and mail when your done coloring.


For 2 dollars, this product is not bad. Each booklet teaches different coloring techniques that I can definitely use (with the help of Google translate) and I think it has a very good variety to practice on and improve your color combinations, tones, and shadings. For someone like me who is trying to learn about painting, these booklets are great help. 🙂 I initially bought the book 5 just to try it out. I liked it a lot so I went and bought the rest of the books in their adult coloring series.  I plan to go through them according to their book numbers. I can’t wait to get to the landscapes! 😀

coloring with watercolor pencils. More practice!



Daiso Label Remover

Hi. I’m Kaye. I’m a daiso-holic.

There’s just something about those $2.00 Japanese items that I can’t resist. Roaming around the shelves and getting lost with each large and tiny items from kitchen ware to crafts… bliss! It’s like a treasure hunt. Sometimes, also like a big puzzle since you have to figure out what some items are for or how they are supposed to be used. I love it!

With my latest venture, I went home with this…

label remover

Really? We have these now? Imagine, no need to ruin those manicured nails to remove those unnaturally sticky labels (not that I have manicured nails.. but we’re imagining here. 🙂 ).

Bye hard earned $2.00. Hello label remover!

The package includes:

  • one 20 ml liquid label remover
  • one yellow green pusher
  • one cotton ear bud

I’m going to try it out on an empty jar with an unusually sticky label.

The white thing on the jar is the label that I removed with my bare hands. It was so sticky that after 5 minutes and fingernails lined with sticky bits of paper, I gave up. Let’s see if this Daiso product can help me out.

First, I removed the glossy top of the label which left me with the super sticky white paper. Then using the cotton bud, I soaked it with the liquid label remover and waited for a minute. I then proceeded to push the sticky paper from the corner.  Voila!


Some glue was left but the label was completely removed. It did say label remover so I guess it works for it’s intended purpose. Did I get my money’s worth? well… maybe not? There must be a cheaper alternative or some sort of DIY/Pinterest concoction I can make to imitate the result… but I had fun and my curiosity was satisfied.. PLUS! I now have a label-free-empty jar that’s sitting on the shelf waiting to be filled with something.. soo.. its ok.. 🙂

Now looking for more jars/bottles to de-label…

The Ber Series: DIY Dessert

Merry Christmas! I hope you had a good one. 😀

Whew! Got caught up in the Christmas rush and celebration that I wasn’t able to blog earlier (psh! what deadlines??)… but it’s still December so technically I still can blog under the “Ber Series” :). And to finally finish it up, I’ll be making dessert.

Leche Flan is one of the staple dessert of a Filipino celebration. I have a sweet tooth and its always one of the food on my plate. I never knew how easy it is to make them until a few Christmases back when we agreed that we’ll be cooking one food each to complete our “Noche Buena” menu. I think it’s one of the Spanish influences in our culture. Leche means “milk” in Spanish.

I made this on the afternoon of Christmas eve. I got off work early and.. Oh man! I had to fall in line for more than an hour at the grocery store to get the ingredients.

Lined up for an hour just to get these in our kitchen.

This recipe is good for 3 Llaneras. The aluminum tray I used is called a Llanera and is what we typically use for leche flans.

After getting all the ingredients (and a little bit of Christmas gift rush shopping). I went home and started making the Leche Flan. First thing I did was to prepare the caramel to give it time to cool down while I make the milk and egg mixture.

Next was the leche flan mixture. It’s pretty easy,  just need to mix everything together….

Adding the lemon rind and juice is optional. I used to add vanilla essence before but I find that adding lemon gives it a little zest against the sweetness…

After all that mixing, the caramel has hardened by now, so the next thing to do is just pour the mixture over it…

While steaming, I washed the utensils I used…

christmas 02

wrapped some of the Christmas gifts I bought …

and even did a little bit of last minute decorating.

christmas 01


There are definitely other ways to cook it other than steaming. The first time I made this, I used a rice cooker and then an oven.

When the steaming was done, I let it cool down and put it in the refrigerator and continued with my Christmas gift wrapping (I was in the zone!). I took it out 15 minutes before midnight and served it cold… it was yummy!

sorry about this blurry pic. Was in a rush to get it to the table before 12:00.. 😀

Quick and easy! 🙂

We had a fun and loud Christmas dinner for 6. 🙂

I’m happy to report that we ate it all up and no one got a tummy ache from my dessert (*clap*clap*clap* *grin*grin*grin*) 😀

That’s it for the Ber Series! 🙂 (Congratulations to me!) Thanks for reading!

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The Ber Series: DIY Christmas Gift #3

If you missed the first two DIY gifts, check them out here:

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For our final DIY Christmas Gift, we’ll be sewing Satin Pillowcases! 😀

*I didn’t make a video because its pretty hard to sew with a camera between me and the sewing machine. 😦

Did you know that there are benefits with sleeping on Satin pillowcases?

1. It helps with the wrinkles. Since you tend to slide around, there isn’t much friction against the skin so lesser pull/stretch.

2. Helps with dry hair/split ends. Since it’s less absorbent than a cotton pillowcase, you tend to retain more moisture in your hair.

3.  Since you retain more moisture and there is less friction, you tend to wake up with a less fizzy hair look. (yey!)

Here’s a site that discusses in detail the benefits of sleeping on Satin pillowcases.

Benefits of Sleeping on Satin

I actually made one 2 years ago for a friend for her birthday.

pink satin pillowcase

I also planned to make one for us with a deep dark blue satin cloth I bought but I somehow forgotten about that and so the cloth was in storage for a long while. While rummaging around my craft stash in search of inspiration for gift ideas, the handsome dark blue cloth and I crossed paths again and after two years, I finally got around to making that satin pillowcase.

Before anything else, I had trouble deciding what kind of pillowcase to make.

1. Housewife pillowcase – a pillow case with an inner flap that holds the pillow inside the case. Cons is that there really very little you can do to embellish the opening.

2. Sack Pillowcase – a sack type case with one open end. Popular in hotels because it’s very easy to change cases when pressed for time. This is the kind of pillowcase I made two years ago. It’s easy and the opening can be easily pretty-fied.

I asked a couple of people I know to help me decide and most of them prefer the housewife type of pillowcase. Gio also prefers this type because its neater since the pillow is not peeking out the other end and he said that it helps keep the pillow fluff contained. So that’s what I made.

First thing ofcourse is to wash the fabric. Then I used an Ikea pillowcase as a pattern for my pillowcase. I ended up with two rectangles with one being 8 inches longer than the other. The longer one will be the one with the flap.



For packaging, I used a plastic box that I have been hoarding and wrote a small info card about the pillowcases with my shaky calligraphy (again.) I also added my DIY quilled Christmas card to add a little festive feel.

And we’re finally finished! 😀  I must say that the pillowcases are the ones I like best. I will definitely make one for us, this time I hope it won’t take me two years to get to it. Which of the three DIY gifts did you like best? 🙂

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September – DIY Christmas Decors

October – DIY Christmas Cards

November – DIY Christmas Gift #1

November – DIY Christmas Gift #2


The Ber Series: DIY Christmas Gift #2

If you missed the first DIY gift, check it out here:

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On to the next DIY gift for November..

When I got married, I bought a pad of acid free drawing paper for our wedding guest tree..

drawn by my sister and photo taken by c/o H 🙂

The tree only needed one piece of paper so I was left with a whole big pad of it for a long time.

slippers for size comparison..

Then I discovered watercolor this year and finally found a good use for it. I made my own sketchbooks. I love it so much! Because it lies flat without  those bulky springs and it’s very nice to use for painting or drawing. I made two different sizes for myself.

my sketchbooks 🙂

Since I love them so much I’ll be making one for a gift this Christmas 🙂

I made a 40 page sketchbook but you can always add more pages if you want.

Yeah… that was quite long… but I hope I taught you something there. 🙂 If something is not clear or if you have any questions, drop me a comment 🙂

For the final touch, I added a quirky  pencil from typo and a kneaded eraser from popular bookstore. I also added my parol DIY Christmas card. I think it matches with the color of the sketchbook.

simple handmade sketching gift set

Then I made my own paper bag from manila paper. I stamped a wreath and wrote a greeting with my fail calligraphy. It looks ok but my calligraphy is soo bleh.. It blotted on the paper. But I will still use it.

making my own paper bag.. with very bad calligraphy

I taped the pencil and eraser with washi tape (from Daiso ;)) on the sketchbook so it won’t move around inside the bag and puncture it.

Everything together.

placed everything inside and sealed with another washi tape.

Here’s a close up of a very bad blotted calligraphy. The gold stamp ink is kinda pretty though.. 🙂

That’s it! What do you think? 😀

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September – DIY Christmas Decors

October – DIY Christmas Cards

 November – DIY Christmas Gift #1


The Ber Series: DIY Christmas Gift #1

Ola! Well be making DIY gifts for November. 🙂 I like making things but I rarely make them for someone else unless I’m asked because I’m not really confident with my output and well, I don’t want to force my handmade items to other people who might not like them… But this November, I might try and give away these items that I came up with..

I’ll be making three items.

** Gio said my last post about DIY cards is just too long.. so to appease my only reader I’ll  be posting the three DIY gifts in three blog posts. 🙂

Let’s start!

Item 1: Wire Wrapped Gemstone

A few years back, I went through a short phase of gemstone obsession. I use to go to the Library and just read up about them. FuLuShou Complex (a mall full of gemstone selling stores) was nearby and I would go there to look at the gems for sale, even bought a couple of gemstones myself.

I’m over that phase now but I still have my gemstones and other related things, I thought why not make something out of them.

I used stainless steel since this is an item that will be worn.

I also used a Rose Quartz because I think that the meaning and properties of this stone is good for a gift.

Wasn’t that easy? I made another one for myself with a Crystal Quartz. hehe.

We’re done but if you want to go a step further then read on.

Gemstones are said to absorb energies from people they come in contact with. So the next thing to do is to cleanse it.

1.Hold the stone in running water like a brook or river. Since I’m no where near a river or brook, I used running water from the tap. I remember reading from somewhere that this works just fine too. Then I just dried it with kitchen towels while avoiding to make skin contact with the stone.

hold under running water

2.  I also placed it in a singing bowl that I got from Hong Kong. You’re supposed to put it in the middle, then hit the bowl and sustain the sound by running the mallet around the rim thrice to the right and then again to the left. I saw this in a FuLuShou store when I bought some bracelets. I don’t know if there are any significance with the number of rounds to the right and left.

tibetan singing bowl

3. After that, if you want to “program” your stone, go to a quiet place where you can concentrate and hold the stone and think of all the good/positive wishes you have until you are satisfied. I skipped this step because I want the stone to absorb the energies and wishes of my “giftee”.

Next step is to energize it.

To energize a gemstone, put it under moonshine or sunshine. I placed mine under moonshine for around 30 mins because sunshine can be a little bit strong and may sometimes cause color fading on the stone. Moonshine is gentle energy while sunshine is strong energy.


Last step is packaging. I knitted a small lace pouch with a nice glittery yarn from Daiso and wrote some stone information on a nice semi-stiff paper with my shaky calligraphy.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And that’s it. I don’t really believe in gemstones but the idea behind them is kinda cool. I think this is a thoughtful gift to give someone. I hope I inspired you to make one 🙂

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September – DIY Christmas Decors

October – DIY Christmas Cards